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How it Works

Sign Up

The first step is to sign up. It is quick and easy and completely safe. Remember to use your correct address details so Freebiejeebies can send your free stuff to you.

Freebiejeebies operate a strict No-Spam policy. They will only email you in repsonse to support tickets and an occasional newsletter.

Complete an Offer

To activate your FreebieJeebies account you are required to complete one offer. There are many offers available including completely free offers. These free offers allow you to get free stuff with absolutely no risk to you whatsoever.

  • Microsoft Windows Azure - 90 Day free trial (USA Only)
  • William Hill Casino - £10 deposit then FJ will refund £10 (International)
  • Santander - Sign up to a 123 Current Account (UK Only)
  • Profinity Credit Score - Free Credit Report (USA Only)

Gain Credits

There are 2 ways to gain credits.

Refer Friends - Introduce your friends and family to FreebieJeebies. For every one you get to sign up and complete one simple offer to activate their account you will receive 1 credit.

Complete Offers - FreebieJeebies offers you the chance to complete further offers to gain credits. Each offer has a different points value from 1 to 200 points. Every 200 points you earn can be turned into 1 credit for your free gifts.

Remember you only ever have to complete one simple offer to activate your account. Once your account is activated you can continue to receive further gifts without completing any offers. But the more offers you complete the more points and credits you can earn with FreebieJeebies

How the Process Works

Free Stuff Process