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Frequently Asked Questions

When you look at this site I am sure there are many questions that enter your head. I have listed the most obvious questions with their answers on the right.

Simply click any of the questions to see the answer.

If you have any further questions that are not answered here then feel free to contact me on 'support (at) goodies4free.net' or find me on Exceem. My username is 'ndev2k'

No, FreebieJeebies pride themselves on Data Protection. They will never sell or give away your information to 3rd parties. The only emails you will receive are responses from your support tickets and sometimes a simple Newsletter (if you opt-in).
Yes! This is how FreebieJeebies pay for your gift. When a referral does an offer the advertising company pays a commission to FreebieJeebies. Remember you and your referrals will only ever have to complete ONE offer.
Absolutely! If you don't want to complete your own offer (or are unable to), you can opt to swap 3 (three) APPROVED referrals in exchange for a manual credit. If you would like to take advantage of this please contact FreebieJeebies via the support ticket system in the members area and they will arrange for this to happen. Manual credits are permanent so after you have received your first gift you won't have to exchange any further referrals. It's a one time requirement, the same as completing your own offer.
Most of the offers require details to verify age and identity in order to prevent fraud. Some offers do incur a small fee but remember you will only ever have to complete ONE offer and this will entitle you to receive as many gifts as you want providing you can continue to refer people to the sites.
FreebieJeebies are available worldwide and each country has its own set of offers available. The offers are constantly being updated and changing so you will be sure to be able to find something that will appeal to you.
You can check out the Proof It Works page here on the site where you can see all the things I have received including pictures of some of my earlier gifts. The later gifts were mainly cash in bank transfers or things that couldn't be easily photographed. Also on the page are links to the Exceem forum where all the Freebie Community gather to tell their tales of the freebies they have received.
Some offers can remain pending for up to 45 days, however this long wait is very unusual. If you have still not been credited after 2 working days please go to the Support tab in the members area to begin the process of a manual credit. Most offers are automatically tracked, although one does occasionally get missed. This can be easily rectified.
Good news, FreebieJeebies do custom orders. Raise a support ticket through the Support system to get a quote. If you are happy with the quote you can then submit the request for approval by replying to the ticket
Short answer is no. FreebieJeebies do not impose any sort of time limits on your account. You can take as much time as you like to fulfil the requirements to get your free gift.
You are permitted ONE account on each of FreebieJeebies sub-sites, but only one. Having more than one account is against the Terms & Conditions.